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Rossmann, Constanze: Effects of television cooking shows on viewers' intentions to provide a perfect dinner. Integrating cultivation theory and theory of planned behavior. 3rd European Communication Conference, Hamburg, 12.-15. Oktober 2010.

Rossmann, Constanze: Theory- and evidence-based campaign development: Determinants of physical activity behavior. 6th World Congress on Prevention of Diabetes and its Complications. Dresden, 8.-11. April 2010.

Rossmann, Constanze: Learning from each other. Integrating health psychology and communication science for a better understanding of health behavior. ICH-Research Colloquium, Lugano, 29. September 2009.

Rossmann, Constanze & Pfister, Tanja: The impact of exemplars and images with fear appeal on the persuasiveness of health flyers about obesity. National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing and Media, Atlanta, 12.-14. August 2008.

Rossmann, Constanze & Endres, Sibylle: Entertainment-Education in the Context of Aids and HIV in Germany. A Prolonged-Exposure Experiment. 58. ICA-Jahrestagung, Montreal, 22.-26. Mai 2008.

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